The Never-Ending Poo Strikes Back


So I’ve not even had time to post this and we’ve had a sequel already. The Never-Ending Poo Strikes back causing more chaos than before. I thought last time was bad but no this was far far worse.

Nice chilled day at home on my day off and Roo wakes up from his nap so Emily goes to make him a bottle and get our breakfast. I’ll sort his nappy out, easy. No this was not going to be easy at all. This was about to be drama on a biblical scale. Trousers iff, nappy undone and yep he’s done a poo. Good sized so I thought it was safe to say he was done. No repeat of the other day, oh how wrong I was. I’ve got the new nappy all unfolded and ready to go. So the old legs up Roo and old nappy out and folded up. BOOM! Poo time again Daddy!

It was like a proton torpedo being fired off into the Death Star or a cannon ball being shot out of the Black Pearl. This poo just shoot out at force, I only had time to put the old nappy there but it wasn’t enough. Roo’s wrestling free and sitting in it. I try and get the nappy out of the way to stop any poo getting on his outfit. Bad move Daddy. The nappy, like toast, poo side falls flat on my jeans. Roo’s still booing all over the foot stool just as Emily walks in. Superstar Mummy swoops in and throws a muslin over the area. Roo’s legs are still being help in the air, but now we have poo up his back and all over his vest.

He’s stopped though, the Poo has been contained finally. New nappy is fixed in place and me and my poo covered jeans swoop away to get clear vests and jeans. Praise the lord for Nappy Sacks. Now just the foot stool to sort. We left Roo off, followed by the muslin. It’s like a chicken korma has exploded and attached it. Cue baby wipes, warm water and detoll. 

I have now completed the hat-trick. I’ve been pissed on, thrown up on and now I’ve been pooed on. Welcome to really life parenting folks. It’s not always smiles and giggles. Well I giggled at this, it was pretty damn funny. Now we can’t have a trilogy can we? I prey not but could we have the Return Of The Poo?

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