Reuben’s First Plane Ride: Handy tips For Baby’s First Flight

So we finally had to do it. We booked a holiday abroad and Roo was going on his first airplane ride. OMG what had we done. 4 hours in an inclosed space with our adventurous 10 month old. This was going to be a long ride.

Will there was no need to worry as we did it. We made it abroad and the little man was an absolute champ. I was such a proud Daddy when we landed. Little Roo had made it and we hardly had any dramas thank god. It could be a different story flying back but that is going to a story for a different day.


Packing completely chances now we’ve got a little Roo to pack for. He’s rather a mucky puppy so we pretty much packed his entire summer wardrobe across both of our suitcases. Add in the two whole packs of nappies and wipes we were prepared for everything. We packed as light as we could for us. Add in the toys, milk and snacks for while we are away, it is safe to say we had put everything but the kitchen sink in our suitcases.

Hand luggage was just as crazy. Yes we packed the usual iPad and MacBook but they weren’t going to be for us. Back up entertainment incase a certain little man kicks off massively. A few outfit changes for Roo, measured out formula, presterilsed water in his bottles, snacks and lots and lots of toys filled our hand luggage. 

What is really great is that you can take that little bit extra on board when you have a baby. So along with my hand luggage we could take a changing bag and a handbag for Mummy. Winner winner. 

Check In & Security

Now we chose not to get to the airport too early so Roo didn’t get too bored. We flew at 4:30pm so got to the airport about 1:30. Checking in the bags was quite speedy and sit a happy smiley Roo in front of the staff and they’ll be very happy. He liked watching in amazement at the suitcases shooting off into the airport. 

We paid for fast track for security so we skipped all the queues of people. It was the best £5 we have spent. Even better was Roo fell asleep on Mummy. Pre flight nap sorted for the little man. You can pretty much get anything through security for your baby as long as you say its for the baby. The best part is, all the staff are friendly and happy to help. We said it was our first time flying with Roo and they were more than happy to give us a helping hand.

His milk pounder needed to be in a separate clear bag and his milk bottle with water had to be sent through in its own which I found hilarious for some strange reason. Mummy strolled through along with me and they seemed pretty happy to just let us get through and sorted again. The staff made sure while Mummy sat down with a sleeping Roo that all of our things in a million trays were kept safe while I packed it all back up.

Pre Flight Mission

Our pre flight plan had been to change Roo and get him in some comfy PJs for the flight. He slept until our gate opened and we had no chance to do any of our plans. Off we went and Roo was loving meeting all the people and when we got on board we prepared for madness. 

No need to worry as Roo just loved looking at the people behind us. We apologised in advance for anything he may do and they were all very nice about it. Roo loved playing peek a boo with a lovely chap behind us.

No you will get the snotty people that seem to hate babies on a plane but just ignore them and their judging eyes.

Take Off & The Flight

Roo had to be had a seatbelt attached to mummy’s to secure him but he was happy and chilled. We chose to have him suck on a dummy for take off but you can use milk instead to help with the pressure in their ears.

This was my moment of dread but Roo was a super star. No crying just loving life. He was far too interested in the people on the row behind us. 

We packed lots of snacks and toys to keep the little man busy. Food was a life saver and kept Roo super quiet. At times I had to lace up my chucks and walk the aisle. Walks down the plane and making friends with all the cabin crew made the time fly. 

We even had some Hey Duggie and Teletubbies on the iPad ready to sit and watch but Roo was far too busy making friends with all the crew and other passengers. 

I was so surprised at how much he enjoyed it and how surprisingly easy it was to keep him busy and entertained. The only downside was having to change his nappy on the plane. It’s pretty much a tiny tray above the loo and he’s far to big for it. 

I was so so proud of Roo after his first flight. He absolutely loved it and by being ready to entertain him with all the books, toys and food we had prepared for everything. 

The flight back was at 10 and with some milk the little man slept from takeoff too pretty much landing. The only downside was he now likes to nap laying down so he was laid across our legs for most of the flight. 

Extra Pair Of Hands

Another pair of hands in a plane is always another good idea. If you can book a holiday with your little ones Grandparents then do if. Emily’s Mum came with us and the extra hands to deal with Roo was brilliant. Somebody else to pass him too if we needed to do something and an extra familiar face to keep him entertained.

Flying with babies can be worrying and nerve wracking but you just need to be prepared for anything and just go with the flow as best you can. 

I hope this helps anybody flight bound soon. 

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