Brother & Sister

Dear Poppy

I wish so much that I could see you with Reuben. I long to see the two of you playing together like brothers and sisters should. It hurts so much and I hate that I can never see you with your little baby brother. It breaks my heart all over again that you two will never meet.

The other day we came to see your at your garden. It feels like forever since we last came. I took Reuben on a walk round the cemetery with Holly Doggy, telling him how special it was here. Telling him this is your place. IMG_0997

Then we came down to you and we all sat there and talked to you. It was so nice seeing Reuben next to you, playing with all your animal ornaments and windmills. He slowly moved himself till he was sat on your grave. He was so chilled and happy, he knows your his big sister. He wants to play with you in the only way he can.IMG_6373

It was so lovely to see him playing with your things. It warms my heart but it brings up so much sadness. It also breaks my heart to know that this is the only way you can play together or be together. 

The only pictures I can take of you both together is here at your grave. While he grows up you will forever stay my baby girl. I wish that I could see a picture of you both together side my side. No doubt you’d both be causing trouble as brothers and sisters do.

I hate that I can never see you both together. I can never see you chasing each round the garden. Never see you chasing the dog together. Why does it have to be like this, why can life be so cruel.

You sent us the best rainbow baby brother. He brightens up our days, and in the darkest days he really brings light into those moments. I just breaks my heart so much more that I can’t see my two babies together. IMG_6366

Reuben will always know about you and we will always do things that can include both of you. This never takes away the tears that will flow when I can’t see you together. I would do anything to see you both holding hands. I would give anything so that you can be like a normal brother and sister. 

When we left you the other day, as tears filled my eyes over the sadness of my two children never meeting, a white feather fell near me. A sign from you that all will be ok. Be ok as it can be. You always send signs for us to know you are ok.

As always my darling daughter I miss you. 

Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart.

Love Daddy xxxx


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