Dear Poppy – I Miss You

Dear Poppy

I miss you. Plain and simple. How has it almost been 2 years since we had to say goodbye. So much has happened and so much should have happened. Poppy I wish you were here so much, Daddy misses you every second. 

I miss your little hands. I miss putting my finger in your palm and you holding tight. I wonder what those hands could have and should have accomplished in your life. They could have been fingers that played beautiful music on the piano. They could have been hands that saved peoples lives in hospitals. The should have been hands holding their own children. Poppy I miss your perfect little hands.IMG_0185

I miss your gorgeous feet. Mummy’s toes and Daddy’s feet. A perfect mix of the two of us. I wish I could see you running around on those feet. Running around chasing your little brother around. Running and chasing your dreams. Feet that could have run marathons. Feet that travelled the world. Feet that should have walked down the aisle with me walking next to you.

I miss holding you in my arms. I only got to hold you for a short time. Never long enough, I should have had a life time of Poppy cuddles but instead I only had a few days. I should have held you in my arms in our own home, rocking you to sleep. I should have held you in my arms while feeding you a bottle. I should have held you in my arms while you slept, looking at how beautiful you are. Why is it that all these moments have to be thoughts and not reality.

I miss singing badly to you. Oh Poppy how I’d love to be able to singing Disney classics to you again. All out of tune but you wouldn’t care. We should be singing nursery rhymes together. I should be teaching you things through song. Would you have grown up loving music like Daddy? Would I have been able to pass on my taste in music to you. Would we have gone to gigs together having the time of our lives. These are all things that should have been but I’m left with what could have beens and distant memories.

IMG_0059Most of all Poppy I just miss you. I miss you every second of the day. I thinking of all the missing moments we are not going to have together. I’m going to miss out on seeing the woman you grow up to be. You could have been a woman that changed the world. I’m going to make sure that you do change the world. All the things Mummy and Daddy do for you legacy will help people in your name. It will make a difference in the world like you would have done.

I can’t believe I’m missing out on seeing you grown up. Missing out on seeing you crawl for the first time. I wonder what your first word would have been? I wonder about what the future should have been for you. I still can’t believe that all these moments can never come true. That all the things I miss can never happen again. Why oh why did we have to say goodbye so soon. 

Poppy I miss you so much. I miss the time we had together, at times it feels so long ago and I wonder If I’m forgetting parts of our time together. Then I have days when it all feels like yesterday. I wish we could have had our lifetime together. I wish I could have seen you and Mummy being best friends. 

Poppy I will always miss you. I will always miss our time together. Poppy my darling daughter you will always be in my thoughts and forever in my heart.

Love Daddy xxxx


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  1. Huge hugs. It’s so hard isn’t it. I totally get that worry of wondering if you are forgetting something from that precious time. I ‘re live Ethan’s few hours every year on his birthday with my husband. No words. Just a hug from one broken parent to another x


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