5AM Parents Club

It’s a right of passage the 5AM Parent’s Club. We’ve all been there, woken by a very awake little person. You turn to the clock and see the dreaded time. It’s not even 6AM yet but you need to get up. If it starts with a 4 I’m not moving unless I have a screaming baby. He can try and wait till 5. It’s the in club to be in and I’m proud to say that I love being part of the 5AM Parent’s Club.

Reuben has always been a pretty good sleeper. We just fell into a routine and despite the odd few times that he is a battle to get to sleep, once he’s down he’s quite good. He’ll wake up once or twice but as soon as he’s had his bottle he’s back to sleep. He’d used to go back down to normally after 6. One morning though it all changed, the date escapes me now but one faithful morning the boy rose at 5.IMG_8297

Pretty much now without fail Reuben will be awake around 5. I’ve always able to function on not much sleep so I’ve always wanted Emily to get some more sleep until I need to get ready for work. At first it was a struggle and I needed a massive coffee fix on the way to work. Cue my massive Starbucks obsession with a tasty Cinnamon Latte. But I like the extra time with my boy.

At some point I’d share my 5AM news with my Insta Fam and see who else was awake at this unearthly hour. Trying to make my way out of the hazy early morning fog. As time as gone on I’ve just really really started to love the 5AM Parent’s Club. I now actually get a little upset of Roo decides to have a lie in past 6. Omg I’m that person now. Getting up at 5 instead of getting in at 5.

I just love having a extra hour or two with Roo before I have to head off for the day to work. Now like with most things I don’t know if I enjoy the stupidly early wake ups because Poppy isn’t here or I’m just that chilled with it. I’d say it is a mix of the two but really because I have to go to work being able to get an extra bit of time with my son is a massive win win. Mummy gets a few extra hours in bed and Roo and I get some one on one time together.IMG_0494

Now don’t get me wrong there are some mornings that I really could do with that extra hour in bed or I wish Roo was still asleep. Some 5AM Parent’s Club sessions can be rough. I’m still not fully awake and just can’t get going or a certain little boy just isn’t in the mood for fun and games. Thankfully I’ve found strapping him into his baby carrier and just bouncing up and down in front of the mirror helps.
If not that then the lovey tones of RarRar The Lion on CeBeebies will do the trick.

The itinerary for the club usually revolve round a daily reading of The Gruffalo’s Child, looking at the cute baby that appears in all the mirrors and eating all the toys that can be found. I love every second. Some morning’s I do like to try and get a few jobs done if Roo is happily playing with his toys or in his jumper-roo. I’ll try and do some tidying, not that it helps with a dog and an 8 month old around the house. I might strap Roo to me and do some jobs in the kitchen. He’ll always try and help. My new little game is too sit him on the kitchen floor with a little bowl of water to play with. He loves splashing and playing with the water.

IMG_9793 2

Of course it is difficult at times but I just want to see it as a positive for the day. It’s fun to be able to try new things with Roo, read something new to him or just sit and watch him happily playing with his toys. It’s my time to have some one on one time with Reuben. He’s currently trying to crawl more so I’m trying t encourage him with that. It normally ends with him getting grumpy and rolling onto his back and eating the Sky remote.


About a month ago Reuben started teething and that made for a few interesting 5AM Parent’s Club sessions. Nothing put being held by Daddy or in his baby carrier would do. It’s awful seeing him upset and teething really is the worst. No matter how bad things can be even second with Reuben is a blessing and I hate to complain about anything because Poppy isn’t here with us.

Yes there are still days where I should have gone to sleep earlier or wish I could have some extra few minutes of sleep. I forget all that in an instant when Reuben smiles away at me first thing in the morning. He is growing up way to quick and I want to enjoy every second with him, even if that is at 5AM.


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