Baby First Aid

Learning baby first aid is something I thought would be handy before Poppy was born. After she died and we were lucky enough to welcome Reuben into the world it was something I had my heart set on learning. After you have experienced the worst possible thing any parent can you are acutely aware of how bad things can suddenly go. That hangs at the back of your mind and it made me really want to learn some basic first aid that was focused on babies and children.

So here in Yorkshire we found 1st Steps First Aid. Image result for 1st Steps First AidA 2 hour class specifically designed for parents, grandparents, or anyone who cares for a child.  It covered how to deal with choking, bleeding, head injuries, CPR and choking.  It was best £20 we have ever spent. It was such a brilliant course and I learned a great deal.

I wanted to feel like I had some kind of understanding of what I should and shouldn’t do if something ever happened to Reuben. Yes I’m a little more over protective but I think this is something so valuable to any parent, regardless of wither you have experienced baby loss or not.

We were meant to be in a class of 6 but on the day it was only Emily, myself and our friend with her rainbow baby. Due to that we ended up having the course leader come to our house to do it. This really made it for me. It was so informal and relaxed. I felt able to really try my hand at the practical stuff without having 6 other people breathing down my neck.

The course is run by Natalie. She has 12 years training and experience in first aid as a Cabin Crew member. She is fully qualified as a first aid instructor, who specialises in kids first aid, with a Level 3 Award in Education & Training.


We went over the basics of cuts, breaks and burns. Learning the best things to do and the right course of action to take. Mainly ringing 999, or as I found out you can ring 911 and it’ll get through. Just having some idea oh how to dress a wound and a break or how to actually deal with a burn could one day be really helpful. I wouldn’t want to be the parent that just stands around I’d want to be able to offer some kind of help and I feel i could now.The big thing we got to learn was about CPR and choking. Having some knowledge on what to do if ever I found Reuben not breathing or he was choking can be so invaluable.

The CPR training was such a great learning experience. We had a baby doll and a bigger doll for older children to practise on. You learn about rescue breaths, chest compressions, to use fingers on a baby and two hands on older kids. The big thing was practising and seeing how much effort you have to out in. You can read all about these things on the internet but to actually do it and feel what you do was so important.

The fact we got to do this at home-made the doing the practical so much easier. IMG_7828We didn’t have to rush through it, we could take our time and do it enough times so we felt confident if ever we had to do it for real. Reuben being a rainbow baby does make me worry more about something going wrong so I really wanted to know what to do. However it is such an important thing to know that every parent should do it. Just a basic idea of CPR and to do it in time to Nellie The Elephant could make the difference if every you were faced with the unthinkable situation.

Next we moved on to choking and this came at such the right time as we have started baby lead weaning with Reuben. It’s awful to watch him shove food in his mouth and I’m scared he will choke so knowing what to do rather than freaking out is nice. Obviously he needs to learn how to use his gag reflex and that is hard to watch because you want to step in and help him out. He is getting really good with that now though on a side note.

The 2 hours was brilliant and learned a great deal and feel like I’d be able to actually do something if Reuben ever needed help. It is such an important set of skills to be able to call upon. After losing Poppy and feeling so helpless and unable to do anything was the worst feeling as a parent. I wanted to have some form of control and ability to do something if needed with Reuben.

It is a valuable course to go on and you read so many stories now about parents that have saved their baby’s life because they knew some first aid. It has even been discussed on This Morning. Just to be able to step in and not feel helpless is a big thing. Any parent will feel that not being able to do something for your child is awful. Just having a little bit of information can go along way.

Reuben and his buddy Lucas has a fab time on the course too.


1st Steps First Aid

BBC News Story

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  1. I get baby/children first aid training for my work, I just take it for granted it’s great you did this and are sharing the more people that do this the better. It’s great for building confidence babies are so small

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