Letter To Poppy – London

Dear Poppy Bear

So we’re off to London Town again. We’ve not been since you were growing in Mummy’s tummy. I can’t believe it’s been so long since then. We went down full of hope and excitement for your arrival later that year. 

While I know it’s going to strange being back there, it is going to be nice to get away with Mummy and your little brother. We are mainly going down for Mummy to do something for you but we are also going to show Reuben the sights. Take him to all the places we took you in Mummy’s tummy. I know you will have heard all the sounds of London but I do so wish you were coming down with us.

When we go to see Buckingham Palace I’ll remember Mummy sat on the grass feeling you move around while I’ll whizzed around on my Boris bike.IMG_1946 Don’t think I’ll be doing that with Roo attached to me this time. I s wish we could take you to see all the sights with him. I know you’d love it and no doubt be a cheeky little miss.

It is going to so amazing to see Reuben take it all in and be amazed by all the bright lights. He will have a baby sensory overload. He is so amazing, so chilled, funny and loving. I know you’d be very protective over him. I do still always wish you’d be by our side too. The 4 of us taking up loads of room on the train, we’re already going to be taking up a big chuck of it just the 3 of us.

We walk down the river, passed the London Eye where you went for a spin. We’ll walk through beautiful gardens like we did with you. We’ll take the bus everywhere like we did with you. Not because it’ll be too hot down there for a pregnant Mummy but because Roo will be able to see the sights.

While I look back at those times in London while you were in Mummy’s tummy IMG_1943with fondness. It also has a hint of sadness, like things always do because you aren’t with us. I do know you’ll be shinning down on us and especially Mummy on Wednesday.

Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart.

Love Daddy Bear xxxxx

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