Parenting Spidey Sense

When you know something is up with your baby or child. You just know, you get that feeling. A parenting Spidey Sense if you will. That feeling of something is a miss. All parents will get it and being a rainbow parent I feel like this sense is only heightened to the max. You are more acutely aware of how wrong things can go.

So there will come a moment in the first few months of your baby’s life that you’ll notice something is a bit odd or different with your little one. You’ll consult our good friend Dr Google and decide it is serious and rush off to the Doctors. It happens, it’s ok you’re just being a responsible parent.

Now you can say that you won’t be one of those parents that rushes to the Doctor with every little cough or rash. You wont over worry about it. The truth is you probably will, it’s called being a parent. You are going to worry about your little bundle of joy. What will actually make you go is the tingling feeling you get. That tingling parenting spidey sense. That feeling of, actually something is up. I’m not actually being that over worried parent. It’s a real thing and I think Parenting Spidey Sense is a pretty cool phrase for it.

Now after losing Poppy I knew I’d end up being a little bit more anxious if Reuben ever got ill, or developed something a little nasty. Emily and I both said we didn’t want to be the overly worrying parent about every little thing we thought could be something. The truth is, you are going to worry and especially if you have been through loss. You know how bad things can get.

So the other day Roo developed a bit of a rash on his forehead. I was at work and Emily said she thought we might have to go in to get it looked at. We were both unsure, we just didn’t want to seem like the over protective parent. After losing Poppy I think we always were going to be like it but that is ok. It’s only natural to be worried, any little thing could be something worse. The saying is true, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I got home from work and we both had Mum / Dad spidey sense. We knew it looked c51a1771ceb72932deaeea7e40f31d592c0edea1691c721a4e493eaa1e372a18like a something that needed to be assessed. So we head off to our local walk in centre as its past 5. Now Roo was a little grumpy by this point. I mean he was shouting and crying, I’m sure people thought we were murdering him in the car. Now we get in there and his whole face just lights up. Love it when he does it, we get to have a game of peek a boo while we wait. This kid was as good as gold, his rash is obviously annoying him but he was such a little champ. Lots of laughs and smiles, I like to think it was because he’d not seen me all day. Sadly I don’t think it was but I’ll keep telling myself it was.

We get called in and as we thought it was a bad case of the dreaded eczema.IMG_6098 Scared of the Doctor after his jabs? Hell no this kid was smiling away at her. I’m sure she’d have stolen him, she was very taken with him. A ladies man already. Anyway we get a prescription for some cream and we’re off. So glad we’d gone and trusted our parent spidey senses.

Now I suppose it could be easy to try to hard to not to be that over protective parent. Especially after losing Poppy. I think you feel like you are being worried because of what happened before. But you will overthink things and be that extra bit worried, god if you weren’t then I think you aren’t human. But even if you’ve not lost a baby, you are still a parent. It’s part of the job to worry and over think even little thing that could be wrong with your little one.

31748-detail-575863d326754_1024x1024When it comes down to it you will know if something isn’t right. We are like Peter Parker, we might not have been bitten by a radioactive spider but we have our own little spidey sense. We’ve been bitten by the love for our child. We know when something isn’t right. Sadly I don’t think when our spidey sense goes off that we can run into an alley way or phonebox and thrown on our spandex superhero outfit. Mainly because we don’t have phoneboxes anymore. I think I’d look pretty damn cool in a Spiderman outfit.

It’s ok to worry about your baby, be it your first, you rainbow or your third. When it come to the crunch you’ll know if making that rushed trip to the Doctors is worth it and you know what 9 times out of 10 you’ll be right.Spider-Man_Homecoming_poster_002_Textless


Trust the spidey sense, it’ll tell you when you need to be worried. You might not be off to stop the Green Goblin from causing havoc in New York City but you’ll becoming to the aid of another little superhero.IMG_5877

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