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Best Dad, Parenting, Baby Loss Blogs To Follow

Since losing Poppy, blogs on baby loss and parenting after loss were a great help to Emily and myself. To read other parents talk so openly about their experience of loss and their parenting of a rainbow helped us not to feel so alone. It also gave us hope for the future, that we too could have some light in our own darkness.

When we found out Emily was pregnant with our rainbow baby Reuben, I started to turn to Dad bloggers. While being so nervous that Roo wouldn’t actually come home with us I felt I had to get excited. I had to hope that Poppy was watching over us. I wanted to read other Dad’s struggles, joys and parenting tips. I was still a Dad after all, I’m still Poppy’s Dad and now I’m Poppy and Reuben’s Dad.

Whether you are going through the nightmare of baby loss, or just the first few steps into parenting you can feel so alone. You feel it’s the two of you against the world. But actually you aren’t alone. You are never alone in you daily battles. There is a community out there. There is a baby loss community. You will meet parents starting out on the painful road you are on. There are parents that are further down that road than you. They are there with you to make you feel not so alone in your struggles. There is also a parenting community out there, a dad community. Happy to share their stories, to help you when you need it or just to offer some words of advice on how to change that first nappy.

These are some of my favourite blogs that I truly enjoy reading. They have helped in the darkest of times, they have made me laugh out load but they have also inspired me to share my journey. My journey through baby loss, parenting after loss and parenting in general.

These blogs are great and show us that we are never alone in the world. There is always someone out there to help you! When deciding to share my our story these blogs have also inspired me to start my own. Enjoy!


My Favourite Dad Blogs

 These are some of my favourite Dad blogs. Really life dad’s sharing their experiences, tips and feeling on all things Dad related. They’ve been an inspiration in wanting to share my own experiences on parenting.

You The Daddy

Run by Giles, this blog is ace. It gives you the male take on pregnancy, babies and parenthood. From posts about a man’s take on baby sizes in the womb all the way Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.20.11through to the hilarious story of the first poo in the bath. Written with awesome wit and humour, you’ll find yourself laughing along to his stories of parenting. Oh and if you need a quick laugh then you need to ready his poetry. You’ll get his tips on being a dad, the experiences you have to come, and the ones you really need to be prepared for.

Corporate Dad

Run by Phil to document his life as a working Dad. This  blog is more than just a parenting blog. As well as offering insights into what it is like being a working Dad, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.21.56Phil also offers life and working advice. If you want advice on setting up your own business this is the Dad for you. He details the juggle with self-employment and home life. In his own word he said:

“Writing became a way for me to release my emotional side. An opportunity to share my feelings. It’s now a way to share my experiences and help others” 

A Day In The Life Dad

Run by Jamie, this is the blog of a working from home Dad. He loves to document his life as often as he can through his blog and social media. Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.22.15Writing about being a modern Dad in London, Jamie showcases his life, his tips on self care, on parenting and does it with great style. This is a glimpse into the life of one modern dad. He’s also pretty damn funny. Jamie also edits the awesome FMLY MAN blog site for Dads, along with features in GQ.

The Unlikely Dad

Run by Tom, this is a blog about being a Dad, an adoptive Dad and a gay Dad all rolled Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.22.28into one. Offering insights into his journey of adoption and being an adoptive parent, he is honest with it and hilarious at the same time. He details the journey he and his partner have been on to becoming parents. Giving great advice for parents going down the road of adoption and on parenting. He wants to share his stories and show us Dad’s, we aren’t alone in all this.

Millennial Dad

Run by Andy, this is the parenting life of a Commuting Dad. Andy writes open and honestly about being a first time Dad. The joyful moments of being a Dad along Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.22.48with the lows of returning to work, Andy gives his insights into the life of a working Dad. Showing us dad’s that we all have the same anxieties of what we are going to be missing when returning to work. His piece on returning to work pretty much summed up how I felt.


Baby Loss & Rainbow Blogs

When we lost Poppy, Emily turned to the blogging community for support and stories of others going through the same heart-breaking situation we were. Through her I learned about this amazing parents going through the same journey as we are. She would share with me posts that she thought would help me like they have helped her. The loss of a child and then the glimpse of light in the darkness that comes with a Rainbow baby. Their stories helped show us a way to move forward with life with the daily struggle of missing our baby girl. They have inspired me to write about this from a Dad’s perspective so I too can help others going through the same.

Postcards For Findlay

Written by Laura, a Mummy to 2 boys; Findlay who was sadly stillborn and Leo her rainbow. Laura opens up about how she copes with her loss everyday and how she copes with being a parent to an angel and a rainbow.. She raises Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.23.04awareness of baby loss. Add onto that she is now again sharing her feelings on going through her third pregnancy, her second after loss. Laura gives such an open and honest account of the baby loss and parenting after loss.

The Legacy Of Leo

Written by Jess, one of 2 Mums to Leo who was sadly born sleeping. She turned to blogging to make sense of her loss. To try and help others in their own moment of darkness. Writing and raising awareness on miscarriage, baby loss and now the parenting of her rainbow Eli. Along with her wife they share the honest Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.23.26truth  to help raise better awareness. A constant on all social media, Jess hosts a weekly twitter conversation #BabyLossHour and she is currently working on creating awareness and support for the LGBT community who suffer the heartbreak of baby loss.

The Dad Network

This is such a massive personal blog and community site that deals with all things Dad. It was set up by Al who’s wife tragically suffered a miscarriage on Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.23.50their wedding day. They have gone on to have a rainbow but also so tragically had 6 more miscarriages. Al writes so openly and honesty about their journey. In a time when men still find it difficult to share their feelings on such events, Al has shared his with the world.


Dear Orla

Written by Michelle, a Mother and a psychologist.  She writes about her experience of finding her way in life following the loss of her first daughter, Orla,and experiencing Post Natal Depression after the birth of her second daughter Esme. Michelle screen-shot-2018-02-16-at-22-40-24.pngshares her own story and struggles as well as raising money for and working with charities to help raise awareness of stillbirth, mental health and baby loss. Sharing her thoughts from a professional perspective and from the other side to help others through their own loss. Michelle has just made some Warrior pins that are raising money for the Tommy’s charity (they are ace – go get one).


If you get change please check out this amazing blogs and pages. We are all in this together, be it parenting, being a Dad, being a rainbow parent or going through the pain of baby loss. We are all a community and here to help each other in the greatest times of our lives and also the very worst.

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