My Essentials For Your Newborn’s First 3 Months

My Essentials For Your Newborn’s First 3 Months

As well as discussing baby loss and parenting after loss, I also want to share my parent highs, lows and tips.

It’s been 3 months since Reuben entered our world, creating light in the darkness. We’ve bought so much stuff for him, some we regret but some things we swear by now. These are my essential items for your newborn’s first 3 Months. Items that have saved us time, made life easier or that Roo has just really been taken with. Enjoy!!!!

The Snuzpod

So your newborn has to spend his or her first 6 months with you, what are they going to sleep in? Now for Poppy we had a classic Moses basket. Sadly though we never got to put her in it. With Reuben we wanted something new for our room.

242-mainThere are a few bedside cots around but we decided to go with The Snuzpod.It’s brilliant! It can be a standalone cot, a bassinet and a bedside cot. You can attach it to the bed and it is level with your own mattress. It has a zip down mesh wall so that the Snuzpod becomes an extension of your bed. This has allowed us to be close to Roo at night which was great in the early few days, helping him feel close to us (especially Emily) and when he cries in the night we can get to him easily.

Oh and have you seen it? It looks so cool and will fit into most bedroom decors. It comes in a variety of colours and has won countless awards. (This includes a Mother & Baby Gold Award, Junior Design Award and a LBP winner)

Check it out on the link below:

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pillow

The sleepyhead pillow is 39208947-origpic-938693one of the BEST things we bought. Yes it’s expensive but what would you pay for a good nights sleep in those early days? It can fit in most bedside cribs and is recommended as part of safer sleep for babies to reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Check out the Lullaby Trust for more info on Safer Sleeping:

The pillow allows your baby to feel safe, secure and snuggled up like they would have been in the womb. It’s suitable from birth to 8 months and is so lightweight you can take it anywhere with ease.

Reuben was born via a planned C-section at 37 weeks so we had to stay in hospital with him for a few days. He didn’t take to swaddling in the cots they have on the post natal wards. I decided to bring the Sleepyhead pillow in to try. IMG_4211He took to it straight away and we used it while he had phototherapy. He felt snug and secure in there.

For us it has been a god send! Expert and Mum approved and has won a Made For Mums Gold Award.

Check it out on the link below:

Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Machine 

If you are going to formula feed your newborn then I can’t recommend this enough. This is such a time saver, especially for the night feeds. It will make you a1-perfect-prep-white bottle at the right temperature in around 2 minutes. Bottle goes in, hot water shot follows. Add in your formula, mix, then back under for the rest of the water. DONE! It is that simple!

NOTE!! Please do test the formula before you give it to your baby just to make sure its ok!

For our night feeds with Reuben this saved so much time. Emily or I could change his nappy while the other nipped downstairs to make the bottle. You’ll be up just as the fresh nappy is on. It’s such a good thing to have. Oh and its normally on offer in most supermarkets and baby shops.

NOTE!! People complained that the filters weren’t working but they were using Non-Tommy Tippee ones. So please do get the right ones if you buy one (Only needs changing every 3 months).

Hit the link and check it out:

Tommy Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer

Emily and I have just discovered this and it’s been brilliant. Obviously while we are out we can’t use the perfect prep. Its been ok but now little Reuben is rather fond of warm milk. Those little ready made bottles wont do. Its too chilly for him. Fussy little monkey isn’t he. (Only joking buddy you rock)

A friend of ours was using a flask and plastic mug to warm a bottle in. We thought this was a great idea however when we started to look into it a good flask will cost about £6-£8 on it’s own, plus it was going to be rather bulky.  The Tommy Tippee warmer is only around £10. It is a BARGIN.

1-travel-bottle-and-food-warmer-product-face-onIt all fits together so you only carry one item. It looks pretty cool too. Its nice and portable and the flask keeps boiled water warm for a good 5-6 house. Perfect for a Sunday trip to Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

Check it out below:


Bouncers are great and I’m not going to name any specific one for you to look at. You’ll get one, most parents do. But my one piece of advice would be:


We’ve found the light cheap £20-30 ones are brilliant. Light weight so it can be moved easy, funky colours and Roo loves it. The really fancy ones are cool but your little one might not take to it. So just be warned. These babies know what they like and don’t like already!

I can’t recommend the above items enough! They’ve been life savers for us and have made life with our little newborn that little bit easier.

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  1. Just ordered the tommee tippee travel bottle warmer off your recommendation. Been looking for a solution to making up bottles on the go (other than rather awkwardly pleading with cafe staff for boiling water!). Thank you, great read and super helpful!
    Mum to 3 month old Zachary –


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