Rainbows & Stars: A Journey Through Baby Loss & Parenting After Loss

A star was lit in the sky on 31st October 2017. To my wife and I; the brightest star, our Poppy Star. Shining down on us but she shouldn’t be. She should be here with us. That was the day our world truly crumpled, the day we lost our 3 day old daughter Poppy.

This is my journey through those precious 3 days, through the continuing loss and my journey parenting our rainbow baby Reuben; born just over a year after we lost Poppy.

These are my feelings, my stories, this is how I coped and still cope. This is what I’ve learned along this road that is baby loss and parenting after loss. How I’ve managed to copy might not work for you but if this can offer someone hope or help them in any way’ that is more that could ever hope for.

This blog is for you Poppy and for you Reuben. You can’t be together in the ways other siblings are but I’ll always include you both in all I do.


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